Preferences & Notifications Center (PNC)

Preferences & Notifications Center (PNC)

IWEBT’s communications preferences platform can help you configuring all sorts of communications and alerts that you are sending to the customers. Some of the customers would prefer not to receive any alerts at all.

It is important for your company to remain compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act. That’s where you should provide an option to the customers so that they can configure what communications they prefer to get. This communications preference platform can help you to do that.

With every single email or text message you send out, a direct link to the communications preferences platform will be included automatically. Hence, people can access the communications preferences platform on their own and define how they wish to receive communications and alerts from your company. They can also log into the portal, access Account, and navigate to the section called Preferences to do this.

Under preferences, customers or users will be able to access the following configurations:

  • Opt-in to receive text messages
  • Select the preferred timing to receive text and voice communications
  • Select the preferred communication method to receive notifications
  • Select the preferred frequency for receiving marketing and other social communications

All these features can help you to refrain from spamming your customers.